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Which vehicle brands are supported?
•   We specialize in the Mercedes-Benz brand, but we also service vehicles from other manufacturers.

When will I find out the price of a car repair?
•   You will know the price before starting the repair and after checking the fault. Please see our price list.

When should the engine oil be changed?
•   Oil and filters should be changed according to the manufacturer's specifications. However, you have to bear in mind that some service intervals (eg every 40,000 km) are not a good option for your cars. In our opinion, it is best to change the oil and filters every 15,000 kilometers or once a year.

Should the brake and cooling fluid be changed?
•   Yes of course. Each of these fluids ages over time, which loses its properties. Changing the fluids prevents e.g. engine overheating or gives you 1m less braking. We guess it's worth it?

Will I speak to a mechanic on the phone when calling the service center?
•   Unfortunately no, our employees are very busy at work and focused on their work - in order to perform the repair at the highest level - no distraction is the basic principle.

Do you need to change the oil in the automatic transmission?
•   Both the oil in the automatic and manual gearbox must be changed. The replacement in an automatic gearbox, however, is definitely more important. The replacement should be made according to the manufacturer's specifications. However, we can assume a replacement in the automatic box every 60,000 Km or every 5 years.

I have my parts. Can you use them for my car repair?
•   Yes of course. As a service, we want to repair cars. It makes no difference to us whether the parts are ordered by us or by the customer, the most important thing is that the repair is effective.

Do you order parts from Allegro?
•   Unfortunately, we do not order parts from Allegro because of the dubious quality of the products. We are able to help with the selection of parts on the portal, but the customer has to buy them. Remember that you can always order parts for our workshop so as not to make pointless trips.

Will I perform service inspections (service A or B ...)?
•   Yes of course. During such service, a number of activities are performed that are recorded in detail and any damage is consulted with the owner on an ongoing basis. For each Periodic Inspection, you will receive a printout of errors and a list with the most important points regarding your car. Additionally, on request, we can enter the inspection into the Mercedes platform (DSB- Electronic Service Book), which will confirm the visit to our service and the replacement of parts according to MB standards and will maintain the continuity of inspections.

Do you have access to the Mercedes-Benz Electronic Service Book (DSB)?
•   Yes, it is a service aimed at young cars with proven inspections (maintained service continuity).